Coach Policy – VSA

Coach Policy

As a Coach, you are required to:

  • Let Victory Skating handle the billing for all lessons (initial and subsequent lessons) for all students
  • Honor scheduling policies as agreed to by you and your Students
  • Log into your account at least every 60 days to keep your account active and have the opportunity for new students to book lessons with you
  • Not possess, use, sell, or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while conducting instruction

As a Coach, you are encouraged to:

  • Address all schedule details directly with your Students
  • Notify Victory Skating if your Student misses more than 3 consecutive lessons in a row
  • Alert Victory Skating if your Student is having any trouble with billing that we can assist with

You also agree that:

  • You understand that your relationship with us is that of an independent contractor, and nothing in this Policy, the Terms of Service, or any agreement between you and Victory Skating is intended to, or shall be construed to create a partnership, agency, joint venture, employment or similar relationship between you and us.
  • You will list certain personal information on your Listing, such as your last name, phone number, and email address, as well as any social media hashtags.
  • You are not entitled to any of the benefits that we may make available to our employees, such as group health or life insurance, profit-sharing or retirement benefits.
  • You are not authorized to make any representation, contract, or commitment on our behalf unless specifically requested or authorized by us in writing to do so.
  • No part of your compensation will be subject to withholding by us for the payment of any social security, federal, state or any other employee payroll taxes.
  • You will accurately mark lessons in your Victory Skating account after lessons are complete in order to receive payment for those lessons
  • You will observe all anti-harassment and non-discrimination laws in the performance of your services.

For your reference, here is the Student Policy that your Students are required to follow